Paulette McNeely: Eric Murphy’s Mom

The legendary American actor, singer, and comedian Eddie Murphy shares a close relation with Paulette McNeely, showcasing his role as a devoted father in Eddie Murphy’s diverse family life. Of course, as she is the mother of his first child, Eric Murphy. 

Eddie Murphy has fathered multiple children, known as the Murphy children, from different relationships, highlighting the variety in his personal life and setting the stage for the article’s focus on Paulette McNeely and Eric Murphy.

When was he born?

Many people do not know this, even though Eddie Murphy is a famous comedian. But that is the truth, no one knows Paulette’s birthdate and birthplace. No one even knows anything about her family background and her siblings. The only thing we know is that she was born in the USA. It is a fact that she is an American citizen.

How old is she?

Eric Murphy’s Mom

According to the latest report, it’s still not clear how old Paulette is. However, we can make an estimate of her age by looking at Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy was born on April 3, 1961. At time of writing, he is 63 years old, soon to be 64. So we can assume that Paulette is in her 50s or 60s.

Eddie Murphy’s then girlfriend Paulette McNeely physical measurements

According to what the fans know today, Paulette McNeely is 175 CM or 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Educational background

It is a common belief that Paulette McNeely finished her primary education and may also have attended college. However, the specific details of her educational background are still unknown. Everything that we’ve heard about her has been speculations as she has never told the public about her education.

Eddie Murphy’s then girlfriend Paulette McNeely’s love story

Before Eddie met Tracey Edmonds, Paige Butcher, and nicole mitchell murphy, his then girlfriend Paulette McNeely was the love of his life. Although they were only together briefly.

Their love story began in early 1988, where Paulette became famous overnight for dating Eddie. However, by late 1988, the couple parted ways. But this short relationship resulted in Eddie’s first child.

On July 10, 1989, Paulette gave birth to their child, Eric Murphy, eddie’s eldest child. He is now Eddie’s eldest child. Later on, Eddie had another child with Nicole Mitchell, named Bria Murphy. Daughter Bria has not only made a name for herself as an actor and artist but also enjoys a close relationship with her father, often featured in art shows and celebrating significant family milestones.

After mentioning Nicole Mitchell, wife Nicole and Eddie shared a life filled with love and family, raising their children together before eventually parting ways.

Being mysterious

After they parted ways, Paulette disappeared from the public eye. No one knows where she lives, what she does, and if she is seeing another person. Many people just assumed that she remained single after her relationship with Eddie.

No social media presence

We can’t find Paulette McNelly on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Very different from Eddie Murphy who is embracing social media life. Meanwhile, her son, Eric, is also active on social media, especially Instagram where he has more than 30K followers.

Her net worth

Much like everything else about Paulette, we don’t know her real net worth. However, according to the latest estimation, her net worth is somewhere around $1 million.

This is why she is intriguing

Paulette McNeely’s enigmatic life has attracted many fans. She is being secretive about her current activities, post-relationship life, and everything else. People apparently like that about her. And of course, as the mother of Eric Murphy, she will always be an elusive persona.